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Charter Bus Galena Park TXCharter Buses Galena Park

It’s a great time to travel to Galena Park, TX. The weather is fine, the people are inviting and the natural attractions are so amazing! The only problem is visiting Galena Park with a large group of people. How do you transport a family or a group of friends to a place without the worries of dealing with public transport? The best solution is to use charter bus Galena Park, TX.

Why Work With Charter Bus Galena Park?

Charter bus Galena Park is your answer to a relaxing, luxurious and safe way to travel from one destination to another in Galena Park. You won’t have to stress and worry about traveling in a group since you will be in one vehicle to and fro.

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You will ride with utmost safety and sit on the most comfortable chairs with a lot of leg room to spare. You can also watch a movie, listen to music and stay comfortable under the scorching heat with great ease with fully air conditioned buses at your disposal.

Do you offer different styles of Charter Buses?

You can rent a small minibus that can carry up to 20 passengers or if you have more people in your group you can otherwise rent a large shuttle bus for 30 passengers. Larger groups of 40 to 50 people can travel safely in a large charter bus also known as a motor coach. Contact beforehand if you need help deciding which bus to rent.

For those interested, we also have the best party buses in Galena Park!

Tourist Destinations

The most popular destinations in the city are parks, shops and historical sites and of course, people also come here for the best food. The following restaurants are top notch in Galena Park:

  • Omega Charcoal Burger – these are wonderfully – cooked burgers that are roasted not friend on a grill. This is a favorite among locals and tourists since the food is amazing and the atmosphere is totally relaxing. You will be filled with good food and a wide variety of drinks and a friendly crowd. Be sure to check this out when you visit Galena Park.
  • Shipley Do – Nut Shops – freshly made donuts everyday which will make you forget the traditional ones that you used to. A local favorite, Shipley has been around long enough to become a local name and of course a box of these special donuts could be a take out surprise for your family.

Charter Bus Rental Prices

If you are traveling on a budget, you will be glad to know that you can rent buses for an affordable rate. Rental rates depend on the type of bus you are taking and the number of people, the destinations that you wish to visit and for how long you will rent the bus.

View pricing for party buses and limo services in Galena Park.

Service Areas

Aside from Galena Park, you can rent a bus to any city in the state of Texas. We also offer out of state transportation.